Energizer® AP1201

The AP1201 rechargeable silicone case with built-in battery for iPhone 4/4S is a permanent power source that extends the life of the iPhone 4/4S, providing nearly twice* the power to keep you going. It’s the power, protection and style you expect from a brand you know.

  • Power Management High-speed charge direct to your iPhone or simultaneous, pass-through charge to your iPhone and case
  • Low Profile Lightweight, flexible form-fitting silicone rubber case that is extra thin and easy to handle
  • Protection Durable, non-slip and finger-print resistant one-piece case
  • Reliable Integrated bumper eliminates direct contact, signal loss or antennae interference
  • Battery Check Smart LEDs monitor power status
  • * Based on iPhone4® indicates low power (Red warning, 20% power remaining)

Powersafe Technology

All products integrate a minimum 12
safety logics into every cell for maximum protection of the battery, device and user. In addition, each product uses a mathematical circuit control unit with built-in proprietary software to control and regulate temperature, voltage and current.

Powersave Mode

Most products come pre-charged. Most products provide an Auto Shut-Off mode to avoid power loss when not in use to help maintain the power.

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