Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the latest questions and answers to help familiarize you with the Energizer® products. If you can't find an answer to your question, please contact us.


Charging Your Power Pack

When you connect your portable charger to your device, press the power button, your portable charger’s LED lights will turn on, indicating the amount of charge left, and your device should show that it is charging. Please make sure the device is compatible with your power pack.

To activate a smaller portable charger, simply tap at the Energizer logo. To activate a larger portable charger, hold it in one hand, and clap it with another. *Activate the LED light indicator to begin charging.

You can charge your product with the AC adapter.

Most Energizer® Power Packs have a built-in charge indicator. To activate the charge indicator, press the power button on your power pack. This will cause the LED light power meter to illuminate corresponding to the charge remaining inside the power pack. When the Energizer® Power Pack is still charging, this light will flash, and when the power pack is fully charged, all led lights should remain illuminated.

Typically it will take up three to four hours to fully charge an Energizer® portable charger after its initial charge. Smaller portable chargers should take less time, and larger portable chargers or external batteries may take slightly longer. For models with USB or micro USB input port, the output current from USB wall charger or PC USB port will inference charging time too.

Energizer® products are rechargeable up to 500 times. Afterwards, the Energizer® unit will begin to lose its ability to hold a charge. Battery cells are consuming materials; there will be a decrease in the device’s total power capacity as time goes by or after certain times of usage.

Yes, all power packs with 5V (USB) input can be charged with a USB cigarette lighter. Unfortunately, we don’t recommend using a cigarette lighter to charge our larger power packs with 19V input power.

Yes, it is possible to use our Energizer® Power Packs as an A/C adapter for your device.

Yes, for portable charge with USB or micro USB input port, you can recharge your portable charge with any USB wall charger between 0.5mA and 2mA without any impact to the battery life.

No. Lithium polymer battery technology is not susceptible to any memory issues like NICAD and NIMH.

If you don’t plan on using your power pack for more than 6 months, we recommend that you store the battery with a 75% charge and recharge the battery every 3 months. If you store a battery when it is fully discharged, it could fall into a deep discharge state, which renders it incapable of holding any charge. Conversely, if you store it fully charged for an extended period of time, the battery may experience some loss of battery capacity, meaning it will have a shorter life.


Charging Your Device

To charge your device(s) with the USB-A port(s):

1. Connect XP20001PD to your device(s) with an USB-A charging cable

2. Press the power button once to activate charging for your device(s)

To charge your Type-C laptop* with the Type-C port:

1. Connect XP20001PD to your Type-C laptop with a Type C-C charging cable

2. Red light indicates Type-C output is activated, and your Type-C laptop is being charged.

To recharge XP20001PD through a Type-C laptop* with the Type-C port:

1. Connect XP20001PD to your Type-C laptop with a Type C-C charging cable

2. Press the power button once to begin recharging XP20001PD. Blinking light indicates Type-C input is activated.

PowerSafe Management:

1. Do not use both Type-C and USB-A output ports simultaneously

2. Do not use the Micro USB port when XP20001PD is charging a Type-C laptop* with the Type-C port (Red light indicates Type-C output)

3. To recharge XP20001PD through both Micro USB and Type-C ports simultaneously, please apply 5V input to activate recharging.


To charge your device with the wireless charger:

1. Place your device on the wireless charger

2. Press the power button once to activate charging for your device

3. For 10W wireless charging, please do not charge other device(s) at the same time

To charge your device with the USB-C port:

1. Connect your device(s) to QE10000CQ with a USB-C to USB-C charging cable

To activate Apple fast charge, connect your iPhone* to QE10000CQ with a USB-C to Apple Lightning cable (Cable not included)

To activate Apple fast charge, please only use original charging cable

For Apple fast charge, please do not connect other device(s) at the same time

*Based on device compatibility

2. Press the power button once to activate charging for your device

To charge your device(s) with the USB-A port(s):

1. Connect your device(s) to QE10000CQ with the USB-A charging cable(s)

To activate Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, please connect your compatible device to the color Quick Charge 3.0 port with the USB-A charging cable

Please only connect one device enable to activated Quick Charge 3.0 (wireless charger included)

2. Press the power button once to activate charging for your device

To reset your power bank when safety protection is activated:

1. For safety reason, Energizer PowerSafe Management technology will temporarily shut down the power bank when there are more than two devices being charged at the same time

2. To reset your power bank, please recharging your power bank, your power bank will reboot accordingly

*Please only charge two devices at once to prevent overcharging on your power bank. For Quick Charge function, please only charge one device at once


1. Do not connect QE10000CQ with laptops

2. Avoid using micro USB input and other output(s) simultaneously

3. Please avoid placing metallic objects over or too close to QE10000CQ while charging your device

4. Do not charge more than two devices at once, wireless charger is included

Compatible Devices

Using the
USB-A output ports
to charge…
Smartphone & Tablet iPhone & iPad
Nokia iPad Pro 10.5”
Lenovo YogaiPad Pro 12.9”
Google PixeliPhone 6
Google Pixel XLiPhone 6 Plus
Huawei P8iPhone 6s
Huawei novaiPhone 7
Huawei Mate 8iPhone 7 Plus
Huawei P9iPhone 8
LG G5iPhone 8 Plus
HTC 10iPhone X
And many more…And many more…
Using the
USB-C output port
to charge…
Smartphone & Tablet iPhone & iPad
ASUS ZenFone 4 / Pro iPad Pro 10.5”
ASUS ZenPad 4 iPad Pro 12.9”
HTC U11 / U11+ iPhone 6
Huawei Mate 10 / Pro iPhone 6 Plus
Huawei MateBook E iPhone 6s
Samsung S8 / S8+ iPhone 7
Samsung Note 8 iPhone 7 Plus
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 iPhone 8
LG V30 / V30+ iPhone 8 Plus
Lenovo Ideapad iPhone X
And many more… And many more…
Using the
Wireless charger
to charge…
Smartphone & Tablet iPhone & iPad
LG V30/ V30+ iPhone 8
Samsung S8 / S8+ iPhone 8 Plus
Samsung Note 8 iPhone X
And many more… And many more…

Charging time will depend on “current (ampere)”. If device original adapter output current is close to power pack output current, then the charging time should be close to the charging time the device original adapter takes. If power pack output current is smaller, charging time could be longer. If Power pack output current is larger, whether the charging time will be faster will depend on device power design. (There could be input current limitation. ie, device takes only certain input current.)

We recommend using the power pack once your laptop or netbook battery starts getting low. XP8000/A is recommended for netbook or ultrabook that needs less than 45WH input power and XP18000/A is recommended for laptop that needs less than 90WH input power.

You can tell compatibility from laptop original charger (power supply). There should be output spec shown on laptop charger, which indicate the input power your laptop needs. Basically, the polarity of the charger needs to be positive to center; its output voltage has to be equal to XP18000/A output voltage. (XP18000A may support 8.4V, 9.3V, 9.5V, 12V, 15V, 16V and 19V by using different convert cable.) Some laptops have tolerance for input voltage. The output current is suggested to be +/- 1.5A compare with the output current of XP18000/A. The watt hour (output voltage*output current) of the charger can Not be higher than 90WH.

The XP18000/A can support the MacBook® series of laptops but will require a PC06 + an Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter. For the MacBook Pro with retina display and the MacBook Air, both use an Apple MagSafe 2.


Product Features

The XP18000/A (18,000mAh @3.7V) has slightly over twice the capacity of the XP8000/A (8,000 mAh@3.7V). The XP18000/A also provides a higher power output than the XP8000/A, making it better suited to charge larger devices such as laptops.

The XP8000A and XP18000A are the only power packs that can charge three devices at the same time. The USB output is designed for 5V USB devices, such as cell phones, MP3s, and Bluetooth devices. The 12V output is for portable DVDs, portable printers, and other 12V electronic devices. The 19V is designed for laptops (XP18000A) and netbooks (XP8000A, XP18000A).

The XP18000 provides 5V/1A (USB), 10.5V/2A and 19V/3.5A output power, and XP18000A provides 5V/2A, 12V/2A and 19V/3.5A power. XP18000A is recommended for support 5V tablet. XP18000 provides 10.5V output which can support some Japan brand devices. Both models may also support 5.6V, 8.4V, 9.3V, 9.5V, 15V and 16V by using different convert cables.


Safety & Environmental Questions

Energizer® Power Packs offer up to 12 built-in safety features, including PowerSafe Technology, to protect the battery, the device, and the user.

Yes, this is one of the power pack’s safety features. Once the product is fully charged and not keep consuming power, your power pack automatically shuts off to save power.

Yes, Energizer® Power Packs can be brought on an airplane. All Energizer® Power Packs meet all international airline standard safety requirements (UN38.3). Because the Energizer® Power Packs contain a safe amount of lithium, offer a power management system and are encased with no outer contact points, they are considered safe and allowed on all flights.

No, Energizer® Power Packs are water-resistant but will not survive if you submerge them in water.

We do not recommend you leave your Energizer® Power Packs exposed in the sun for long periods of time as exposure to extreme temperatures may reduce their functionality. Energizer® Power Packs work best at temperatures between 32° F and 113° F.

Yes, all Energizer® Power Packs with AC adapters are compatible for international use and do not require a power converter. AC input of Power Packs varies between 100-240VAC and 47-63Hz. However, you may need an adapter wall plug to allow the U.S.-style power cord to plug into a foreign wall outlet. For portable chargers with USB input, you may use general USB wall charger or PC USB port to charge them.

Absolutely! Energizer® Power Packs will be less expensive in the long run than buying ordinary batteries, will help save the environment from the disposal of ordinary batteries, will save on electricity consumption resulting from less usage of AC adapters, and will extend the life of your electronic devices.



No! Do not attempt to open or fix Energizer® Power Packs. This will void ALL warranties on your power pack.

Please review our Question & Answer section of our website to answer any questions. If your question still needs answering, please contact us for assistance and a customer service representative will reply to your inquiry in a timely fashion.

No, it just needs to be recharged for 3-4 hours. If the problem persists, please contact us for assistance and a customer service representative will reply to your inquiry in a timely fashion.


Technical Questions

Using correct voltage ensures that your product will not be damaged. Tolerance is typically around +/- 0.6V, but it will depend on device.

Electro-Magnetic Interference is an electrical disturbance that affects an electrical circuit due to electromagnetic radiation emitted from an external source (such as when you hold a cell phone close to a radio and you hear static). The disturbance may interrupt, obstruct, or otherwise degrade or limit the effective performance of the circuit. Energizer® patented circuit board design and parts help minimize any EMI concerns.

Electro-Magnetic Compatibility is a term used when an electronic device limits the amount of electromagnetic radiation and allows other electrical equipment to operate without fear of interference. Energizer® Power Packs are designed with this in mind to minimize EMI.

Please check the AC adapter for the electronic device being charged to find the output voltage and amperage. The output power on device’s original adapter is the input power device needs.


Other Questions

The tip changeable USB cables WB12 are designed specifically for charging your electronic devices. Data transfer is not available. As for non-tip changeable USB cable WB38, it supports both power and data transmission.

If the power pack you have at hand is with 5V/1A USB output, you may need PC07 adapter. PC07 and iPad original charging cable is required for power transmission. If the power pack you have is with 5V/2A USB output, there is no need for PC07. You may just use iPad original charging cable to connect power pack and iPad. Please note that XP2000/A is not compatible with iPad.

The best place to look for your model number is to open up the battery compartment and remove the battery. It is normally located underneath the battery.